Enriched by history, the Optimist promises style turned toward the future. This collection transmits emotions with either the Ring or Rhomb option. Each pen features all-metal casing, high quality, multi-layered lacquer finish, and laser d├ęcor. Choose between fountain, rollerball, and our famous easyFLOW ballpoint pen option.

Optimist Rhomb easyFLOW Ballpoint Pen - D20000209 - $90.00

Optimist Rhomb Rollerball Pen - D20000672 - $95.00

Optimist Rhomb Fountain Pen, Medium Nib - D20000208 - $100.00

Optimist Ring easyFLOW Ballpoint Pen - D20000211 - $90.00

Optimist Ring Rollerball Pen - D20000673 - $95.00

Optimist Ring Fountain Pen Medium Nib - D20000210 - $100.00

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